When a hairless pup was discovered in China, no one could have predicted the incredible transformation she would undergo. The pup had only one small row of fluff on her back, which her rescuers lovingly referred to as her “wings.” As she trotted along, her wings would fly in the air, hinting at the fluffy potential hidden within her. The rescue organization that discovered the pup was live on Instagram one day, showcasing dogs in urgent need of medical care and attention. As the camera panned to a corner, viewers caught sight of the scared, hairless dog. One woman in particular, who runs a small animal rescue in central California, was struck by the pup’s appearance. She immediately reached out to the animal rescue in China, offering to take the dog and find her the perfect forever home in the States.


As the pup received much-needed medical care, the woman in California received updates on her progress. The transformation was astounding. The once hairless pup began to grow a thick, luxurious coat of fur, eventually resembling a fluffy polar bear. The woman was overjoyed and quickly began planning for the pup’s flight to the United States.


When the pup finally arrived, her new rescuer was shocked by her appearance. She had seen pictures of the pup’s transformation, but nothing could have prepared her for the huge, fluffy bear of a dog that emerged from the kennel. The pup’s rescuer wasted no time in finding the perfect adoptive family for her.

The pup’s new family included a loving dad and a canine brother named Tofu. The two dogs shared an uncanny resemblance, both resembling fluffy white polar bears. Their similarities were so striking that it was sometimes difficult to tell them apart. The two pups quickly formed a bond, and their new family was overjoyed at the incredible journey that had brought them all together.

Play the video below to see the dog’s incredible journey and what she looks like now. We are so grateful for the pup’s happily ever after!

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