Sec. 91.06. Violations.

(G) Restraint of animals

(2) Tethering. Domestic animals may not be tethered to a stationary object unless it is attended by a responsible adult and all of the conditions of divisions (G)(2)(a)—(k) are followed:

(a) A tether must be equipped with a swivel on both ends;

(b) A tether must be a minimum of ten feet in length and be made of either metal chain or coated steel cable;

(c) Tethers must be attached to a buckle type collar or harness worn by the domestic animal and under no circumstances shall the tether be placed directly around the domestic animal’s neck. Tethers are never to be used in conjunction with training collars such as a choke or pinch-style collars;

(d) The weight of the tether must not exceed ten percent of the total body weight of the domestic animal but shall be of sufficient strength to prevent breakage;

(e) The tether by design and placement must allow the domestic animal a reasonable and unobstructed range of motion without the possibility of entanglement;

(f) The domestic animal must be four months of age or older to be tethered;

(g) Only one domestic animal may be attached to a single tether;

(h) Pulley systems, running lines, and trolley systems may be used in conjunction with a tether;

(i) Pulley systems, running lines or trolley systems shall be at least ten feet in length and no more than seven feet above the ground;

(j) The line of the pulley system, running line or trolley system to which the tether is attached shall be made of coated steel cable; and

(k) No tether shall be affixed to a stationary object which allows a domestic animal to come within five feet of any property line.

(3) Within the corporate limits of the town, animal control officers shall have the authority, provided in G.S. § 160A-186, to seize any animal in violation of this section. In carrying out and performing their lawful duties, this shall include the authority to enter upon private property, not including entry into a dwelling unit or other similar building, when the animal control officer has observed an animal running-at-large in violation of this section. Such entry upon private property shall not be deemed a trespass.

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