Sec. 4-47. Continuous tethering prohibited.

(a) It shall be unlawful to tether a dog in any manner except specifically identified as:

(1) Any activity where a dog is temporarily tethered for a duration of time that does not exceed two hours in a 24-hour period;

(2) Lawful animal event (such as a show or sporting event);

(3) Lawful hunting activities, if reasonably necessary for the safety of the dog;

(4) While a dog is actively engaged in shepherding or herding livestock;

(5) Law enforcement activities;

(6) Camping or other recreation where tethering is required by the camping or recreational area where the dog is located;

(7) After taking possession of a dog that appears to be a stray dog and after having advised animal control authorities of the capture of dog, tether and restrain the dog in accordance with the provisions for a period not to exceed seven days.

(b) During periods of lawful tethering, the length of the cable along which the tethering device can move must be at least ten feet, and the tethering device must be of such length that the dog is able to move ten feet away from the cable perpendicularly and attached in such a manner as to prevent strangulation or other injury to the dog and entanglement with objects. Lawful tethers must be made of rope, twine, cord or similar material with a swivel on one end or must be made of a chain that is at least ten feet in length with a swivels on both ends and which does not exceed ten percent of the dog’s body weight. Pulley, running line, or trolley systems must be at least ten feet in length and less than seven feet above the ground. No person shall tether with a chain or wire or other device a dog in such a manner that does not allow the dog access to adequate food, water and shelter.


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