At the Prince George’s County Animal Shelter, Alona encountered a unique canine named Drake, surrendered by his owner under circumstances that tugged at her heartstrings. Drake, with his distinctive appearance – a broad head, a wide grin, and a muscular frame – found himself at an elevated risk due to breed-related biases at the shelter. Alona, passionate about canine welfare, delves into Drake’s narrative. The prevalent reason for dog surrenders in Prince George’s County often circles back to housing issues, where renters face challenges like evictions. Drake, a Pit Bull, faced additional hurdles as the county imposed restrictions on Pit Bull ownership.


Classified as unadoptable within the county, Drake’s fate hung in the balance until a rescue, alarmed by the possibility of euthanasia, stepped in. Transferred between fosters and adoptive families, Drake’s journey took unexpected turns until Alona and her husband entered the picture. Despite having their hands full with a baby and another dog named Honey Pie, the foster couple opened their hearts to Drake. The initial adjustment involved keeping him separate to ease his settling process, but soon, Drake became an integral part of their household. A 72-pound lap dog, he forged strong bonds with the family, especially the baby, creating heartwarming scenes during meals and outings.


Alona reflects on society’s predispositions toward certain breeds, emphasizing the missed opportunities to appreciate and love dogs based on initial judgments. Drake, with his endearing personality, challenges these biases, proving that breed stereotypes often overshadow the true essence of a dog’s nature.

Through fostering over 20 dogs, Alona acknowledges the profound impact Drake has had on her life, making her a better foster mom and a better person. Despite the challenges of juggling a baby and fostering, the couple is pleased to foster Drake. They are determined to find the perfect forever family for the pup, ensuring he experiences the love and stability he deserves. If you, or someone you know, is interested in adopting Drake, please click here for more information.

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