One sunny day, Holly stepped outside with her adorable dog, Hadley, only to find a giant teddy bear sitting in the driveway. The teddy bear surprise was so unexpected that Holly and her family spent hours trying to figure out who had gifted Hadley with this enormous new friend. Hadley, however, seemed to have no qualms about the mysterious teddy bear and wanted to bring him everywhere she went. The giant teddy bear proved to be quite the challenge when Hadley insisted on bringing him along for a car ride.


The lovable pup jumped into the car with Teddy in her mouth. The bear blocked her way inside, and the pup stumbled, but the slight hiccup didn’t deter Hadley one bit. She was determined to go for a ride with her new fluffy best friend. Despite the potential for disaster, Holly couldn’t help but find the situation endearing and amusing.

As it turns out, the person responsible for the giant teddy bear surprise was Holly’s own grandmother. She had noticed how much Hadley loved carrying her stuffed toys around in her mouth and thought the bear would be a perfect gift. Holly’s grandmother, who is utterly obsessed with Hadley, had lugged the massive bear, which was probably the size of her, across the farm just to make her furry grand-dog happy.


Whenever Holly’s grandmother visits, Hadley can be found sitting at her feet. The bond between the two is evident, and it’s clear that there’s nothing Holly’s grandmother wouldn’t do for her beloved great-grand-pup. Seeing them together will warm your heart and soul!


Hadley’s love for stuffed toys began when she was just a puppy. She carries them around in her mouth as if they were her own babies, and it’s truly the cutest thing anyone could ever witness. Hadley even chooses which stuffed animal to bring with her on walks, never letting go of her chosen companion. In addition to her giant teddy bear, Hadley has at least 15 other stuffed animals that she cherishes.

The sweet pup and her love for her plushies are exactly why dogs are so irresistible! To meet Hadley and see how much she dotes on her toy babies, play the video below. We promise this story will make your day so much brighter!

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