Rocky Kanaka is a seasoned pet rescue advocate who helps countless animals in need. He is what many consider an “animal whisperer” because of his innate ability to connect with pets on a unique level. In this amazing story, Rocky visits a shelter dog later named Poppy. When she arrived at the shelter, she was so terrified that she refused to interact with staff. She was completely shut down, making it obvious that she had experienced intense trauma. Knowing this would deter her from finding a forever home, volunteers reached out to Rocky with an urgent plea.


When Rocky arrived, Poppy was in her kennel in a protective stance. She eventually sat down, but she did not relax. As Rocky put it, animals like Poppy “tell you so much with their eyes.” Poppy’s eyes darted down and to the side. She refused to look at Rocky, and true eye contact was out of the question. But Rocky knew this behavior was due to trauma.


The pet advocate let Poppy out of her cage and sat down beside her. He purposely positioned his body so he didn’t pose a threat. He calmly spoke to Poppy and told her she deserves a good life. The dog eventually saw that this man had a pure heart and came a bit closer. Soon, Rocky was able to pet the pup and Poppy loved his gentle touch. She even leaned into his hand! By the end of the video, Rocky is able to scoop the dog up and place her on his lap. He says, “You’re a good girl, and you are loved.”


Poppy is starting to believe it as she continues to wait for a new family. If you want information on how you can adopt Poppy, click here. Don’t forget to share this wonderful story so more people understand that shelter animals like Poppy are not broken– they just need love!

Check out Rocky’s incredible work in the video below. We are beyond grateful for his efforts. Poppy, we have no doubt you will find your happily ever after soon!

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