I knew today wasn’t going to go well. I had that feeling.

The weather remained grot and I wanted to practice the piano. Not a thing I do very often, I admit, but my skills need to be honed for a friend who wants to learn and I can’t remember what the bottom notes are.  Every Good Boy Deserves Favour, right?  (or is that the treble clef? I forget).  All Cows Eat Grass?

So, as I had the house to myself, or so I though,  I sat down at my beautiful piano and did a spot of practicing.

I tried, I honestly did. But when Monster (known as Poo-Poo for short) tried to climb into the piano, I gave up.  He was so annoying and very painful.

And yes, sometimes at night I can hear the piano play and now I know why.  Note-to-self, I must remember to put the lid down!





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