Animals go missing from fireworks more than any other contributing factor. Independence Day, which should be a time of celebration, is the single most nerve-wracking experience for pet owners. However, we often overlook the stray population and their struggle with the loud, scary noises. They have no idea where the explosions are coming from or what they mean. In this story, a stray dog was so spooked by the onslaught of fireworks that he hid himself deep in a drainage pipe and refused to come out.


Thankfully, he was spotted by a concerned individual with Brian’s Plumbing, Inc. He called out to his team, who were eager to help the stray dog. They tried to pull him out but couldn’t. The hole was too small. While the pup remained in the hole, they gave him food and water and contemplated what their next move would be.

The dog, seemingly friendly, was obviously frightened and confused. One man climbed down to get closer while trying to calm the pup with his gentle, cheerful voice. The plumbing team wanted nothing more than a successful rescue. As the man got closer, the dog’s excitement grew. He couldn’t wait to be free!


With a catch pole around the dog’s neck, the man began to pull him out while the team praised them both. Their encouragement was inspiring, but the dog was still too nervous to jump out. The rescue efforts continue in the video below. Do you think the dog makes it out safely? And if so, can you guess what happens next? Please share your thoughts in our comment section– and don’t forget to pass on this inspiring story to friends and family.

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