Military veterans who grapple with PTSD, stemming from the physical and psychological toll of their service, often find solace and support in the form of service dogs. These canine companions are groomed for their important roles through specialized service dog training programs, many of which operate within correctional facilities. In a unique and mutually beneficial arrangement, inmates are given the opportunity to contribute positively to society by participating in these programs.

They play an essential role in training service dogs that will ultimately provide crucial assistance and emotional support to veterans, offering a chance for inmates to give back to the community while helping veterans regain a sense of normalcy and security in their lives.


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In a heartwarming example of the impact of service dog training programs in correctional facilities, Pax, a yellow Labrador, underwent his training under the dedicated guidance of inmate Lauri within a women’s correctional facility. Upon completing his training, Pax was paired with Iraq veteran Bill Campbell, who was grappling with the aftermath of a traumatic brain injury and finding it challenging to navigate daily life.

The arrival of Pax in Bill’s life proved transformative, offering much-needed companionship, support, and assistance. Their special bond exemplifies the profound difference these service dogs make in the lives of veterans struggling with physical and emotional wounds.

Image/Story Source Credit: OWN via YouTube Video


Bill’s visit to the women’s correctional facility to reunite with Pax and his former trainer, Lauri, was an incredibly touching moment. The bond between Pax and Lauri was still intact, evident as Pax eagerly recognized his trainer’s presence and dashed towards her with boundless excitement. Witnessing this heartwarming reunion brought tears of joy to those present, underscoring the profound connection that can develop between service dogs and their trainers, as well as the lasting impact of their partnership in helping veterans like Bill regain a sense of normalcy and support in their lives.


Image/Story Source Credit: OWN via YouTube Video


Bill Campbell’s meeting with Lauri, the person who trained Pax, the dog that transformed his life, was a heartwarming and emotional day. The deep connection between Pax and Lauri was evident, and it was clear that their time together had a profound impact on both of their lives. The reunion served as a testament to the incredible bond that can form between service dogs and their trainers, as well as the positive influence these dogs have not only on veterans like Bill but also on the dedicated individuals who train and care for them.


“I realized that by giving me Pax and by taking him from me, they had given me the greatest gift anyone has ever given me in my entire life… it restored a piece of my soul,” Lauri said.

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