There are countless shelter dogs and puppies waiting for their forever homes. Sadly, many are overlooked and are either euthanized or spend the remainder of their lives ‘behind bars.’ The puppy in this story had been looking forward to finding his new family. Even though he’s adorable, friendly, and healthy, he was overlooked while his doggy neighbors were released from their cages, greeted by happy faces and loving arms. The sweet and deserving puppy was envious, understandably longing for the same outcome. Would he finally meet an adopter willing to take him home? Read on to find out!


While the clever puppy remained in his kennel, he noticed something special inside the shelter workers’ hands. Each time a dog got adopted, they placed a card inside their cage, letting others know that the dog was taken. The brown card became something of envy for the puppy. He wanted one, too, since he saw that the brown card meant the dogs were freed from isolation and greeted by a loving family.


When a man showed interest in the puppy, he asked the staff if he could hold him. Once the puppy was in his arms, the guy immediately knew this was the dog for him! The puppy eagerly agreed. The man informed staff that he wanted to make the adoption official and after he filled out the paperwork, a shelter worker came over with the desirable brown card. The pup knew exactly what that meant.


The man asked if he could place the card inside the puppy’s cage. His new dad filmed as he opened the kennel door, and the pup stared at the card with his tail going a million miles a minute! The puppy then took the card from his new dad’s hands and wiggled his entire body. The short video below is too cute to miss and will surely make your day!

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