Although chickens didn’t make the BBC‘s list, Lisa, a resident of a hobby farm in Rockwall, Texas, has discovered that her chicken, named Francis, bursts into hysterical laughter whenever she is tickled. Francis shares her home with a diverse group of animals on the farm. Lisa was astounded by Francis’ unique reaction to tickling and felt compelled to share the joyous sounds with others, leading her to create a video demonstration.

Image/Story Source Credit: ViralHog via YouTube Video


The video’s caption reveals:

“Francis is an exceptionally affectionate hen who exhibits an extraordinary response to being tickled. Among 40 animals at a Texas hobby farm, she coexists with goats, pigs, rabbits, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters, and a fish. The farm is a sanctuary for several special needs animals, all of which have been rescued. Lisa, who has a background in commercial film, has turned her attention to amusing pet antics and bringing laughter to people during the COVID era. The video assures viewers that Francis experiences no discomfort during her laughter episodes; she’s simply reacting to the sensation of touch, a delightful example of anthropomorphism where she genuinely seems to be laughing.”

Though not verified, it is speculated that Francis could belong to the rare Ayam Ketawa breed, also known as the laughing chicken, distinguished by its unique “maniacal laughing vocalizations” as described by Greenfire Farm’s website. Originating from Indonesia, Ayam Ketawa chickens were historically exclusive to the royal family, a status symbol until broader ownership was permitted recently.


Image/Story Source Credit: ViralHog via YouTube Video


The video captures Lisa introducing Francis, setting the stage for the anticipated demonstration. Lisa prefaces the moment with, “This is Francis, and if she does what she usually does, this will be adorable. She’s an easter egger, and you’re in for a treat. Have you ever witnessed a chicken laugh?” As Francis begins to squawk softly, the real show is just about to start.

Lisa teases, “Ready, Francis?” before gently tickling her under the wings, prompting Francis to erupt into wild, cackling laughter. The sound is more akin to a loud cackle. Lisa pauses, allowing Francis a brief respite from her laughter.


Image/Story Source Credit: ViralHog via YouTube Video


Embarking on a second round, Francis dives back into her fit of giggles under Lisa’s tickles, resembling a human’s reaction to being tickled, scampering off from the overwhelming sensation. Lisa concludes, “And that’s Francis laughing. I hope you found joy in that.”

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