Every year, PETA celebrates outstanding achievements in animal advocacy through film with our Oscat Awards, which recognize the movies, stars, and moments that promote kindness. Previous winners include Jenna Ortega, Jordan Peele, Zendaya, Tom Hanks, and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. The Oscats offer a mix of traditional categories and some unique awards. So, without further ado, let’s roll out the red carpet and present the awards!

Best Fauxjo Mojo Fashion Moments

Costume designer Jacqueline Durran’s decision to incorporate animal-friendly fashion in Barbie sets a new standard for ethical filmmaking. From Margot Robbie’s vegan pink Birkenstocks and faux-fur boots to Ryan Gosling’s vegan leather cowboy boots and “Fauxjo Mojo Mink” fur-free coat, these fashion moments are as stylish as they are influential. So next time you’re dressing up, remember that you can rock Barbie and Ken’s style without hurting animals.

Best Supporting Actor

In the star-studded world of Asteroid City, where every detail screams brilliance, there’s one star that truly shined: the adorable roadrunner puppet. Crafted and puppeteered by Andy Gent and his team, the Roadrunner’s lifelike movements and looks stole the show with a performance worthy of Best Supporting Actor. PETA works with filmmakers to encourage them to choose innovative and humane ways to depict animals, but sometimes, it’s classic artistry that steals the spotlight. The Roadrunner reminds us of the endless possibilities for storytelling without exploiting animals.

Best Original Song

In Disney’s live-action The Little Mermaid, the technology isn’t the only facet of the film that was subject to a 21st century update. The new song features a food-for-thought moment as Ariel sings, “Are we only food for slaughter. Is this life on land?” with fish hanging from hooks painted on tiles in the background. These lyrics will undoubtedly inspire audiences to consider who they put on their plates. Check out these Flounder-approved fish-free recipes.

Best ‘Nice to Mice’ Moment

In a heartwarming scene, The Baker reminds us of the importance of compassion toward all creatures. Delphi, played by Emma Ho, finds a mouse caught in a trap. She rushes to free the mouse and send them to safety. “America’s Sweetheart” and adopted dog dad Ron Perlman describes the film as depicting “a reluctant hero do[ing] anything to protect the innocent.” We applaud director Jonathan Sobol for relying on CGI rather than using a real mouse from a supplier who would likely relegate the animal to life in a cage.

Best Picture

Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget takes home the top prize for its unflinching depiction of the horrors of factory farming and the humane-washing that corporations use to manipulate consumers. The film doesn’t just scratch the surface. It digs deep into the lives of chickens, reminding us that they are sentient beings deserving of compassion and respect. Using instantly recognizable animation and a star-studded cast, director Sam Fell—who stopped eating meat after doing research for the film—shows us that chickens are clever, resourceful animals who just want to live in peace.

Best Director

PETA friend Eli Roth served up a chilling Thanksgiving tale that forces audiences to confront the reality of their holiday feast. With Roth at the helm, Thanksgiving becomes more than just a slasher flick: It’s a wake-up call to the horrors of animal agriculture. With set pieces that could fit right in at one of PETA’s demonstrations, the film will undoubtedly lead to the sparing of turkeys, lambs, cows, and pigs as audiences witness the horrors of the holiday with a familiar face on the menu. Check out how to plan the perfect “ThanksVegan” dinner.


This year’s PETA Pick, Reptile, takes the vegan cake for its riveting script cocrafted by Benicio Del Toro. Keeping audiences on the edge of their seats, this film also warmed our hearts, especially with the inclusion of longtime animal advocate Alicia Silverstone in the cast. But what truly sets it apart is the vegan baking scene. Picture this: A detective’s wife proudly declares that “Judy (played by Alicia) made this cake, everyone, and it is all vegan,” before the detective adds, “No animals were harmed making this cake.” This film serves up a slice of compassion.

Best Actor

Bella Ramsey’s performance as Molly, the wide-eyed, curious protagonist in Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget, strikes an emotional chord with audiences of all ages and gives a powerful insight into the lives of the billions of chickens slaughtered for food each year. Acting for animal rights is no new feat for Bella—they stand up for animals in art and life, which is why they were named PETA’s 2023 Most Beautiful Vegan.

Speciesism Shredders

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem boldly champions animal rights with subtle nods and gripping storytelling. From a “GO VEGAN” license plate to Master Splinter’s correction of anti-speciesist language, the film sheds light on the horrors of vivisection and exploitation. Yet the heart of the film lies in the turtles’ quest for acceptance, earning it our Speciesism Shredders award. It reminds us that Every Animal Is Someone.

Best Team-Up

Celebrating Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’s impactful anti-vivisection message, we gave the “Not a Number” Award to director James Gunn, who we also honored as our 2023 Person of the Year. Now, let’s toast to the Best Team-Up of the year: Bradley Cooper, Sean Gunn, and Noa Raskin for their stellar portrayal of Rocket’s origin story. With their amazing voice performances and Sean’s wonderful motion-capture work, they truly rocked the world for animals, touching hearts and captivating audiences everywhere while spotlighting the cruelty of animal experimentation. Cheers to an unforgettable cinematic journey!

Best Portrayal of a Predator

Julianne Moore’s performance as Gracie in May December is nothing short of chilling, earning her an Oscat for Best Portrayal of a Predator. Her depiction of a manipulative predator preying on a young boy is as disturbing as it is unforgettable. But it’s her callousness toward animals that makes her character even more unsettling. From working in a pet store where animals are typically treated as mere fashion accessories to serving hot dogs and hunting animals, Moore’s performance captures the essence of Gracie, leaving a lasting impact that adds depth to the film’s narrative.

Flying V Is for Vegan

In a pivot from his work as the multi-Emmy–winning mastermind of The White Lotus, PETA friend Mike White penned a story with powerful vegan lessons, which is no surprise to us. From ducks gasping in horror at grotesque displays of their dead brethren to a wise-cracking pigeon calling chefs “a predator [who] feeds you to a group of much lazier predators,” Migration highlights just how misguided it is to use animals for food. Ducks are smart, resourceful birds, and each one is an individual with wants and fears. There isn’t a moment in the film where White lets us forget this. Every time you see birds flying in a V formation, remember, that’s your sign to go vegan!

Best Documentary

Pamela, A Love Story takes viewers on a journey of activism and compassion, highlighting the courageous life of one of the most extraordinary people we know, PETA Honorary Director Pamela Anderson. With its powerful message of love and liberation, this documentary serves as a testament to the impact of individuals and grassroots movements in creating a more empathetic world.

Inspired by These Winners?

We encourage everyone to follow in the footsteps of these award winners by speaking up for animals whenever they need help. If you witness or hear about animal abuse on film or television sets or see an animal used in a movie or show, report it to PETA.

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