Apparently the 1st March is the first offishul day of Spring (and will end on 31st May).

In the garden snowdrops and crocuses are appearing and that make me hopeful. It’s been a grotty winter which is by no means over but has to end one day because according to the Meteorlogical Office today is the first day of Spring!  We can only move forwards towards better weather.

Yesterday was particularly exhausting and so everyone was sleeping.  I had three carrots in my pocketses and I gave them out to the Ancients.  Kolka was busy elsewhere trying to the get the Minions to come over to talk to her.  She has quite a thing for them.  No one else does very much.

I left the old men sleeping and got on with the dog-walk instead.

Once Spring takes a real grip, I can start worrying about laminitis again….. and so my world turns.

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