While a man named Kyle was at work, he saw something unusual out of the corner of his eye. On the large indoor screen of the surveillance cameras, he noticed a tiny orange creature fall into a water drum. Understandably panicked, he swiftly ran outside to help. He grabbed the water drum and threw it over on its side. Its contents came streaming out along with a tiny Orange Tabby kitten. Kyle screamed, “No! No! No!” thinking he was too late. The kitten appeared drenched and lifeless.


The man quickly grabbed the baby and brought her inside to warm her up. He found a blue towel and wrapped her tightly, all while telling her she was going to be okay. The kitten, now wide-eyed and responsive, let out a meow. She was going to be okay! Thanks to Kyle’s quick-thinking, this kitty was going to make it and appeared quite healthy.


Kyle left work early and headed home with the kitten in tow. He told his wife that even though he had never been a ‘cat person,’ they now had one. He didn’t waste time and introduced the kitten, his kids named Lilo, to his huge St. Bernard named Winnie. Winnie sniffed Lilo and could tell this wee one had been through an ordeal!


The dog made it her mission to bond with the baby and become her surrogate mom. The pair hit it off immediately, knowing they were now a family. Winnie’s ‘aggressive’ but gentle sniffing was soon accepted by Lilo, and the cat sought shelter and solace in Winnie’s warm body. They cuddle constantly and it’s the sweetest thing to see!


We are so grateful for this rescue and for Winnie’s quick acceptance. This duo can’t get enough of one another. Once you meet them, you’ll be hooked! Thank you to The Dodo for sharing their story.

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