A heartwarming story of a family’s reunion with their cherished mini Goldendoodle, Bree, after more than a year apart, underscores the unbreakable bond between pets and their owners. Susan and Mervin Liegey, residents of Montandon, experienced an emotional rollercoaster following the unexpected disappearance of their beloved Bree in October 2022. The joyous moment of their reunion was filled with affectionate scratches behind the ears and overwhelming happiness, marking the end of a 16-month saga of worry and uncertainty.

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The distressing ordeal began when Bree, during a routine visit to a dog grooming facility in Selinsgrove, seized a fleeting opportunity to escape. “As the groomer was transferring towels to the laundry and opened the door, she sprinted off. Despite my calls, she didn’t stop,

” Susan Liegey recounted the heart-stopping moment when Bree vanished from sight”, igniting a desperate search for their furry family member.

The search efforts were spearheaded by Shannon Kohan of Central Pennsylvania Pet Recovery, who played an instrumental role in the quest to locate Bree. Despite numerous sightings that kept hope alive, capturing Bree proved to be a formidable challenge. “Bree ventured as far as Beaver Springs before circling back to Middleburg, covering considerable distance,” Kohan noted, illustrating the vast area Bree traversed during her time away from home.

Image/Story Source Credit: WNEP via YouTube Video


As the months passed, the Liegeys grappled with the grim possibilities that could have befallen their missing pet. The local prevalence of hunting raised fears that Bree might have fallen prey to coyotes, suffered an accidental shooting, or been hit by a vehicle. With each passing day, the hope of seeing Bree again dimmed.

However, the persistence and hope of Shannon Kohan finally paid off more than a year later, when a critical breakthrough occurred. A carefully set trap on a farm near Middleburg in Snyder County, baited with food and treats, successfully secured Bree’s safe capture. Overwhelmed with relief and joy, Kohan prepared to deliver the incredible news to the Liegeys, a moment filled with disbelief and elation for the family.


Image/Story Source Credit: WNEP via YouTube Video


Bree’s return to her family was nothing short of miraculous. After a precautionary check-up at the animal hospital confirmed her health, with the notable exception of severely matted fur and a surprisingly minor weight loss of just one pound, Bree was ready to resume her life at home. Her seamless readjustment and the immediate rekindling of her bond with the Liegeys serve as a testament to the enduring connection between pets and their families.

Shannon Kohan’s reflections on the resilience of pets highlight a powerful message about the remarkable capacity of animals to endure challenges. Bree’s story is a reminder of the strength of hope, the importance of community support in times of distress, and the profound impact pets have on our lives, enriching them with unconditional love and joy.

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