In a heartwarming tale of instinct and intelligence, a dog demonstrated remarkable determination after a vehicular accident in Michigan by making a mile-long journey from the crash site to its daycare in search of assistance. The dog, Aries, a pit bull mix, navigated her way to Hounds Town Metro Detroit, where she had previously spent many days in the care of friendly staff and other canine companions.

The extraordinary incident unfolded last Saturday afternoon and was captured on video as Aries entered the daycare facility, much to the surprise and relief of the staff there.

Image/Story Source Credit: NBC News Chicago via YouTube Video

Travis Ogden, the owner of Hounds Town Metro Detroit, recounted the moment he saw Aries approaching from a distance.

“I recognized her from afar, thinking, ‘That resembles Aries.’ As she approached, it became clear, ‘It’s indeed Aries!’” he told People magazine.

The reunion was emotional, as Aries greeted Ogden with affection, showering him with kisses and even rolling over for belly rubs, a gesture showing her trust and remembrance of him.

The backstory of Aries’ journey to the daycare began shortly after a minor traffic collision. Melissa Fickel, Aries’ owner, was driving with Aries when the accident occurred. Although the crash resulted in only minor damages to the vehicle and no injuries to the occupants, it frightened Aries. In her panic, she escaped through an open window and fled the scene, sparking a frantic search by Fickel for her beloved pet.


Image/Story Source Credit: NBC News Chicago via YouTube Video

Aries’ remarkable decision to seek refuge at the daycare, a place she associated with safety and care, underscores her intelligence and the strong bond she formed with the people there. Ogden, upon realizing the situation, promptly contacted Fickel, who had adopted Aries in 2020, to inform her that her dog was safe and sound.

Fickel’s relief upon learning of Aries’ whereabouts was immense. She had been anxiously searching for Aries, fearing for her safety. Ogden’s phone call not only brought an end to her worries but also highlighted Aries’ incredible sense of direction and her ability to remember and seek out a place of comfort and security in a moment of distress.

Image/Story Source Credit: NBC News Chicago via YouTube Video


“She’s incredibly intelligent. Knowing her safe haven, she headed straight to the daycare amidst the chaos of the accident,” Ogden remarked to People magazine.

The reunion between Aries and her owner was a touching moment, underscoring the deep bond between humans and their pets. Aries’ journey serves as a testament to the resilience and intelligence of dogs, and her safe return to the daycare was a bright spot in the aftermath of an unsettling event.

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