Neglectful owners who leave their dogs behind rarely consider the animals’ welfare or emotions. These dogs, stripped of their homes and families, are left to fend for themselves on the streets, growing skeptical of human kindness. Iris, a gentle puppy, was heartbroken after being abandoned by her family in a coyote-infested park. Terrified, she wandered in search of a refuge and stumbled upon a residence in a Southern California community, seeking shelter in the backyard. The homeowner, worried for Iris’s safety, reached out to Suzette Hall, the founder of Logan’s Legacy, for help. Prompted by the call, Hall made her way to the address.

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Upon seeing Iris, the experienced rescuer could immediately perceive the puppy’s fear and despair. Speaking with neighbors, Hall learned of their failed attempts to secure the frightened dog, who, feeling betrayed, kept her distance from humans.

“Everyone tried so hard, but she was so scared. When I pulled up … I could literally feel her fear and sadness,” Hall shared on Facebook. With a storm on the horizon, Hall acted quickly, setting a humane trap filled with treats to entice Iris.

The dog neared the trap but remained too timid and unsure to enter. Hall believed that keeping a distance might encourage her, so she gave the dog some space, only to be surprised by Iris’s reaction. “She ran after my van. She knew I was safe, and she knew I was there to save her,” the rescuer wrote. Halting the car, Hall successfully guided Iris into the trap using baby gates, a method that delighted both the rescuer and the watching neighbors.

Suzette Hall/Facebook

Approaching Iris, Hall comforted her, though the dog was yet to realize her fortunes were about to change. Looking up with sorrowful brown eyes, Iris was then gently placed in the front seat of Hall’s van. As they headed to the hospital, Hall checked on Iris, who was moved to tears by the sight of her peacefully sleeping, head on the armrest, paws clasped as though in prayer. In a loving foster home, Iris now experiences the care and affection she had been denied.

Suzette Hall/Facebook

It’s a big relief to know that Iris is now basking in the warmth of a nurturing environment. Hall hopes that she will soon find a permanent family that will cherish and shower her with love. Watch the full rescue below. Thank you to Suzette Hall and her assistants for this heartwarming rescue. To follow Hall’s adventures, you can check her out on Facebook or follow Logan’s Legacy on Instagram.

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