The most captivating tales are about the remarkable– and often, the most remarkable among us aren’t human at all. This story is a heartwarming reminder that dogs are the most wonderful creatures on earth. Gaia is a Husky whose life story exemplifies how the end of one chapter can lead to the start of another in the most glorious of ways. Gaia’s existence was once confined to a small backyard, a consequence of her devoted owner, Sandra’s hospitalization. Lisa Kanarek, Sandra’s neighbor, noticed the 9-year-old Husky’s solitude and volunteered to take her for walks.


During their initial meeting, Lisa approached Gaia cautiously, needing to check her tag to learn her name. What started as a single walk blossomed into three weeks of companionship. Then, Sandra’s close friend Gilda Levy presented Lisa with an unexpected proposal – to adopt Gaia. Without hesitation, Lisa agreed. When Sandra passed away, Lisa was called to the house next door. The elderly neighbor she hardly knew had died, leaving Gaia without a home. Lisa led Gaia from Sandra’s house to her own, marking a new beginning for the Husky.


Observing Gaia’s gentle nature around children, Lisa and Gaia joined and completed a pet therapy program. Their first mission was at the Children’s Medical Center Dallas, where Gaia, previously seldom venturing from Sandra’s home, now brought joy to young patients. Lisa, inspired by Gaia’s impact and while completing her training as an end-of-life doula, realized Gaia was perfect for hospice therapy.


Today, Lisa and Gaia provide comfort to the terminally ill, a fulfilling journey for both. Lisa reflects on their partnership, acknowledging the mutual benefits of their work. Gaia’s story, capturing hearts and highlighting the beauty of human-animal bonds, was featured in the Washington Post, written by Lisa herself. It illustrates how Gaia has not only transformed her life but continues to honor Sandra’s memory through the happiness she spreads.

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