During their missions overseas, soldiers frequently develop meaningful relationships with the local communities they interact with. These connections can transcend human interactions, extending to the local animal population, especially dogs, who often become sources of comfort and companionship. Such was the case for Nick Pierzchalski, a medevac pilot stationed in Iraq. His routine was unexpectedly brightened when a 1-year-old Shepherd mix stray wandered up to him, displaying a playful disposition that instantly endeared her to Nick and his fellow soldiers. Recognizing the joy and morale boost this stray dog provided, they decided to name her Airys.

This name, symbolic of upliftment, reflected the positive impact she had on the soldiers’ spirits amidst the challenges of their deployment, embodying the unique and heartwarming bond formed in the most unexpected of circumstances.

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The crew regularly fed Airys and even constructed a kennel for her in their hangar, effectively making her a part of their team. Nick’s fellow soldiers continuously encouraged him to adopt Airys and bring her back to the U.S. once his deployment ended.

Realizing that Airys deserved a better life than the harsh desert conditions, Nick became determined to give her a future filled with joyous runs on lush green grass and playful squirrel chases.

Thanks to the support of SPCA International, Nick’s dream became a reality. Airys was transported to the United States, where an emotional reunion between Nick and Airys was broadcast live by Fox 13 News at Tampa International Airport.

Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video


The video capturing Airys’ reaction upon spotting Nick at the airport shows an immediate recognition, with her tail wagging vigorously. The reunion between these two best friends, after being apart for months, is heartwarming. Airys squeals with excitement, a moment so touching it could bring tears to anyone’s eyes.


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