Pet owners are being alerted by veterinarians to the growing concern of leptospirosis, a potentially fatal disease affecting dogs in some areas throughout the country. This bacterial illness, also known as mud fever, swamp fever, and Weil’s disease, poses a risk to all dogs and has seen a nationwide increase in cases, according to a warning from the American Veterinary Medical Association. The disease, which can severely impact the liver, kidneys, pancreas, heart, and other organs, is particularly dangerous in environments with wet soil, making dogs in river-based areas like St. Joseph County highly susceptible.

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Traditionally, the vaccine for leptospirosis is administered every three years, but due to the recent spike in cases, veterinarians are now recommending annual vaccination. The bacteria responsible for the disease, Leptospira, can be transmitted through the urine of infected animals and can survive in water or soil for extended periods. Infection occurs when these bacteria come into direct contact with pets, often through everyday encounters with wildlife such as raccoons and possums.

Dr. Lindsey Candey, a veterinarian and medical director at Magrane Medical Center, emphasizes the difficulty in diagnosing leptospirosis due to its non-specific early symptoms, such as lethargy, lack of appetite, vomiting, and diarrhea. To protect pets from this dangerous disease, she advises pet owners to ensure their animals receive the leptospirosis vaccine annually, noting that it is not considered a core vaccine and may not have been previously administered to all pets.

Image/Story Source Credit: WSVT-TV via YouTube Video

Treatment for leptospirosis typically involves hospitalization and responsive antibiotics. However, prevention through vaccination is crucial, especially since leptospirosis can also be transmitted to humans, requiring strict isolation and protective measures in veterinary hospitals. Additionally, with ticks on the rise, Dr. Candey stresses the importance of proactive pet health care, recommending annual veterinary visits to safeguard against leptospirosis and other health threats.

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