Ahead of her 56th birthday, Donna D’Errico is rocking her birthday suit for a cause close to her heart. From her breakout role on Baywatch to appearances on countless magazine covers, Donna has captivated audiences worldwide. Yet it’s her passion for animal rights that truly defines her character. She reminds us all that true beauty lies in compassion.

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The statistics are shocking. Billions of animals are slaughtered every year for clothing and accessories. From the minks held in cramped cages on fur factory farms to the reptiles raised and killed for exotic skins, these animals are deprived of everything that’s natural and important to them.

Skin is torn from cows to make leather, birds are held down while handfuls of feathers are ripped out of their sensitive skin, and small animals such as minks are caged for life before being killed for their fur. Sheep are often beaten and mutilated by workers who steal their wool and skin for shearling. Reptiles are stabbed with metal blades and skinned even as they continue to move. Behind every fur coat, leather shoe, or snakeskin bag lies a story of almost unimaginable suffering and cruelty, all in the name of fashion.

“The reason that I don’t wear any animal products in my wardrobe or shoes or anything like that is just because I don’t want to have animals suffer. I could never want to cause cruelty to animals like that. They can’t live without their fur, skin, or feathers, but we can.”

—Donna D’Errico

But the exploitation doesn’t end with the animals themselves. The production of leather, wool, and other animal-derived materials consumes vast amounts of natural resources, pollutes waterways, leads to deforestation and loss of biodiversity, and releases massive amounts of greenhouse gases. It’s a stark reminder that our fashion choices have far-reaching consequences beyond aesthetics.

“To those who think that it might be difficult to transition to a vegan wardrobe, it’s so not. I mean, there’s so many amazing products out there and designers that have cruelty-free fashion that are just as good, if not better, and they’re really cute.”

—Donna D’Errico

Choose vegan. Choose kindness. And wear your own BEAUTIFUL skin.

Donna’s message is clear: There is no justification for the immense torture inflicted on animals for the sake of fashion. With a plethora of cruelty-free options available, there’s no excuse to support industries built on animal suffering. By choosing compassion over cruelty, consumers have the power to drive positive change in the fashion industry and create a more ethical world for all sentient beings.

Pledge to Wear Your Own Skin

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