Oftentimes, rescue pets have experienced tragic circumstances before coming to their new homes. Whether it’s abuse or neglect, their past trauma eats away at their confidence. Many don’t think they deserve love or even a second chance. It is our job to ensure that these animals feel wanted and needed despite their challenges. One pup was so scared she refused to step foot inside her new foster home, even in the pouring rain. She paced back and forth across the driveway, peeking in the door. Her distress broke her foster mom’s heart.


Her foster mom knew that the dog needed to come inside herself. She didn’t want to traumatize her any further by forcing her to do something she wasn’t ready to do. The kind woman couldn’t allow her to remain outside alone, so she cleaned out a shed and kept the door open. Soon, the dog sought shelter inside, and her foster mom joined her. This continued for a while, but it didn’t deter the dog, now named Wendy, or her foster mom from developing a bond. Amazingly, Wendy’s bravery and confidence grew from there.


Soon, the pup put her two front paws inside the doorway and smiled. This made her foster mom so happy! While she wouldn’t come all the way inside, she was definitely making progress! Wendy eventually retreated back to the shed which became her ‘safe space.’ Her foster mom joined her, even working on her laptop beside her during the day. Then, suddenly, Wendy gave her foster mom her first kiss. It was such a moving moment!


As the pup allowed herself to feel love, Wendy developed the most beautiful smile. She beamed from ear to ear! Wendy’s continued progress is so heartwarming! Would this new trust and affection lead to Wendy finally coming inside her foster home? You have to experience it for yourself. Play the video below to see Wendy’s entire story and find out if she finally learned to trust and if she finds a forever family.

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