Witnessing a dog’s journey from adversity to happiness is an unmatched reward for any dog rescuer. The Howl Of A Dog team encountered Mina in a dire state, with little hope left. She was found living in harsh conditions, extremely sick, and exhibiting a deep-seated distrust of humans. Her sad days were marked by fear, and she visibly shook whenever anyone tried to approach her. The dog was pulled from a city pound. Her initial reaction was one of sheer terror, clearly a result of past trauma.


Moreover, Mina was battling numerous health challenges. She was undernourished, afflicted with mange, and suffering from an intestinal infection. She was anemic, dehydrated, and had difficulty walking. Her emotional and physical state was described as ‘severely traumatized’ by the Howl Of A Dog organization.

Upon arrival at their facility, Mina’s path to recovery began, eventually leading to an incredible transformation. The initial weeks were challenging as she slowly adjusted to new people and the other dogs in the rescue center. Through consistent care, medication, and veterinary attention, Mina began to open up. She started interacting with other dogs and gradually accepted affection from her caregivers.


The moment Mina wagged her tail for the first time was a milestone for everyone involved. She began to blossom into a joyful dog, reveling in the company of her new friends and especially enjoying playing outside. Belly rubs became her most cherished moments. Initially wary of human contact, the gentle touches from her caregivers marked a turning point for Mina.

Her trust in humans was fully restored, indicating she was ready to embrace a brighter future. The wonderful news that followed was the discovery of a loving home for Mina with Kathleen, Mattis, and their dog, Alma. This marked the beginning of a heartwarming chapter in her life.


Mina’s new life is filled with joy, including playing with her sibling, visits to the beach, and numerous family adventures. For her rescuers, seeing Mina thrive after overcoming her previous ordeals is the ultimate reward.

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