If you have a squirrel in your home, you need a professional removal service to respond quickly. Squirrels can do significant damage to your home. They will shred your insulation and other wood materials in your home and use it for bedding, they can chew through electrical wiring, duct work, and PVC which can ultimately cause a fire and/or flooding. Squirrels will chew through virtually anything that they can find so the damage that they leave behind can be extensive. In addition, squirrels build nests and can reproduce, meaning that you may have a group of squirrels in your home before you know it. Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. offers local squirrel removal services in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Squirrels are very difficult to capture without professional gear and equipment, so it is always advisable to hire an experienced squirrel removal company for assistance if you are concerned you may have squirrels. They like to seek shelter in attics, garages, chimneys and can squeeze into other small areas you cannot easily reach. They leave behind feces and urine in those small areas of your home, causing further damage.

Local Squirrel Removal Services in Minneapolis

Minnesota Wild Animal Management Inc. specializes in safe and humane removal of squirrels from your Minneapolis home or business. We can locate the squirrels, trap them, and remove them quickly, to minimize damage and reduce overall stress for you and your family. In addition to squirrel removal services, we can also repair damage that the squirrels may have left behind and ensure that no other squirrels or small animals will be able to enter your home in the future. Our team can also clean and sanitize the area with professional cleaning solutions that will leave your home in excellent condition.

Squirrel Prevention and Removal and Damage Repair

Minneapolis is home to thousands of squirrels and when winter comes and temperatures drop, they naturally seek shelter and warmth. This winter or spring, if you hear any signs that a squirrel might be in your home, contact the team at Minnesota Wild Animal Management, Inc. at any time (24/7) by calling (612) 386-1289. Some common signs of squirrels in your home include strange noises, squirrel droppings in your attic or garage, a foul odor, and damage at entry points around your property. We can take care of the problem quickly, remove the squirrels, repair the damage and prevent further squirrel infestation.

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