Upon hearing that Ottawa Comiccon hosted a booth last September that was peddling geckos like trinkets, PETA implored organizers to do away with this kiosk moving forward, apparently to no avail. We need your help today!

Geckos are complex beings who have their own preferences and needs. They belong in the wild, where they can live as long as 20 years. Those who are sentenced to a captive existence have a slew of requirements, including a sizable aquarium; expensive environmental features such as humidity controls, ceramic heat emitters, infrared lamps, and ultraviolet lights to prevent metabolic bone disease; reptile carpets; branches for climbing; platforms for perching; a constant supply of fresh water; calcium supplements; and a varied diet of vegetables, dark leafy greens, and gecko pellets. When acquired on a whim by individuals who aren’t fully aware of their needs or prepared for the responsibility involved (including much time, effort, and expense), the animals suffer.

Using the contact information below, please politely urge Ottawa Comiccon to do the right thing by ending the display and sale of live animals at its event. Then forward this alert to everyone you know.

Direct polite comments to:

Scott Péron
Vice President of Operations
Ottawa Comiccon

Please also leave a comment for the company on social media:



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