While walking through the woods, two women, one named Angela, stumbled upon a dog. Angela was eager to assist, but they were unprepared for what they would discover.

As they neared the dog, they realized she was hiding a litter of puppies. The mother dog was too frail to move, yet her puppies kept nursing, further depleting her strength. Realizing the urgency of the situation, the women quickly returned home to fetch food and water for the struggling family.

Image/Story Credit Source: TheDodo – YouTube Video

After this trauma, the mother dog was too weak to sit up and eat. Angela came and called softly instead of approaching aggressively- she could lash out to protect her babies. Angela came over slowly and the mama dog just laid there like she had lost all hope. It broke Angela’s heart.

Image/Story Credit Source: TheDodo – YouTube Video

Angela was able to load a mama and her puppies, which were 2 weeks old, into her car. The puppies were healthy, and it was a large litter! The first night was difficult for everyone. Mom seemed hesitant about everything. Angela set up a kid’s swimming pool with blankets and pillows to make sure they were as comfortable as possible.

Image/Story Credit Source: TheDodo – YouTube Video

All the puppies were given extravagant names such as Aurora and Orion. Angela was ecstatic to finally have an accepted mama dog for Sky. The puppies gave baby Sky so much love, it was clear they would all grow up and live a healthy and happy life.

Image/Story Credit Source: TheDodo – YouTube Video

Sky, the new mom, first showed her true personality as more than a mother. Instead, we saw Sky playing with her puppies and chasing them around the family’s backyard.

Image/Story Credit Source: TheDodo – YouTube Video

When Angela would walk through the door, Sky would always welcome her with a wagging tail and a kiss. She acted as mother figure to all of her puppies, which were now drying their fluffy hair in the sun. Everything was going according to plan!

Image/Story Credit Source: TheDodo – YouTube Video

Angela saw her pups going to loving, happy homes in a matter of days. Be sure to watch the wonderful video below from The Dodo.

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