Recently, sheriff’s deputies in Oklahoma saved an injured dog trapped on train tracks for nearly five days. On Wednesday, the Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office released a video of the rescue. They reported receiving a call about the injured dog on Mar. 27. “Deputy Hutton noticed a large dog had been struck by a train and was wedged between the railroad tracks,” stated the office on Facebook. Due to the inaccessible location, Deputy Hutton and Captain Harding used the Sheriff’s Office Side by Side vehicle to reach and safely transport the dog to the road.

Image/Story Source Credit: Wagoneer County Sheriff’s Office via YouTube Video

Bodycam footage captured a deputy gently lifting the dog while another offered comforting words.

“You’re okay, you’re okay,” one officer reassured the wounded animal.

In under a minute, the deputies successfully moved the dog to their vehicle. The pet was quickly returned to its family and received treatment at a local vet.

“The dog had been injured by a train three days before being found and couldn’t escape,” the sheriff’s office noted. “We’re relieved the dog was found and wish it a speedy recovery.”

The officers received praise for their bravery in a Facebook post about the rescue.

“These guys do it all,” commented a local. “Best sheriff, best deputies, best K9s, and best technology. Simply the best.” “Great job, officers, glad this guy was reunited with his people,” another added.

Image/Story Source Credit: Wagoneer County Sheriff’s Office via YouTube Video

Mike Howell, the man who reported the dog on the tracks, identified himself on Facebook. “I’m relieved this had a positive outcome; I’m the locomotive engineer who reported this poor pup injured and stuck for four days,” he wrote. “Thanks, Wagoner County Sheriff’s! This made my day.” Howell told the news that he couldn’t ignore the stranded animal.

“I was thrilled to learn he was okay and back with his family,” he said. “This is a rare situation. Usually, it doesn’t end well.”

He urged pet owners to keep their animals safe at home. “I’ve seen too many tragic incidents with animals near the railroad,” he added.

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