After breakfast (and yes, the ponies all went back into their field by themselves – woohoo), I made myself a long list of things I really must get done and drove into town for two hospital appointments and various bits and pieces.

I collected my beautifully printed out (thank you Camera Centre) point of sale banner for my sheep field and then, armed with glue, I went and put it all together. I think it looks nice and I am pleased with the results.  Who wouldn’t want to buy a sheep from Bert?  He has such an honest face.  Apparently the business cards are popular too.

This will stand out in the “lovely things” of the shop part.

It was quiet in town, but folk were enjoying the breather before the cruise ships arrive. Two were in last weekend and it will now only become increasingly busy.  I think in May there is almost one massive ship visiting every day.

Still, that’s good for the local economy and keeps Shetland on the map – or at least somewhere in a box in the Moray Firth.


And then I went and did something very wicked. I went and bought myself a cold-smoker (no, not a motorbike) as I love cold-smoked fish, chicken and cheese.  And apparently I can smoke sossages so I am going to have a shot at that too.

My lunch view was good (fish and chips watching the Bressay Sound) and then off to Tesco’s to buy things to smoke and all the necessaries.  I had a nice day out and about by myself just doing lots of stuff.  RIght, off to look up brine recipes and set it all up ready to start…… exciting times.

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