When a dog named Amber was left alone in an empty house due to her owner’s unexpected death, her world turned upside down. Yet, she stayed on the property, showcasing her unwavering loyalty. A man purchased the house after Amber’s owner died, but she refused to leave. He couldn’t catch her himself so he called for help. Upon the rescuers’ arrival at Amber’s location, the team from Howl Of A Dog discovered her beneath the remnants of the house. Initially frightened by their presence, she retreated to a safer distance.


With limited information about Amber’s past experiences beyond her owner’s demise and months spent outside an uninhabited home, it was clear her distress stemmed from the sudden loss of her human and home. Determined not to give up on her, the rescuers patiently followed Amber as she fled to the property’s edge. Eventually, their perseverance led Amber into a room within the house, where a hopeful look in her eyes inspired the rescuers to commit to her rehabilitation.


Amber had spent too long in solitude, and it was time for her to experience joy once again. Gaining Amber’s trust marked the beginning of her healing process, with the rescuers providing ample affection. They soon took her for a medical evaluation, revealing an infestation of ticks and a diagnosis of Babesiosis, a tick-borne illness, for which she received treatment. Lacking a microchip, her past medical history was unknown, but this didn’t deter the rescuers’ efforts to aid her recovery.


As Amber healed physically, she also made emotional progress, thanks to the continuous love and care from the team. She began to forge new friendships, filling the void in her heart. The turning point in Amber’s life came when a family from Germany heard her story and flew to meet her. Amber is now living her best life with her new humans.

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