A few years’ back – it was 2017 (October) to be precise, OH and a friend built a smokehouse from our unused, I promise, privy (outside loo) because we wanted to smoke some fish, etc.

The whole thing was a lot of effort to create smoke and, yes, it worked but we all said NEVER EVER AGAIN! Trying to keep a fire alight proved nearly impossible – it had to be checked every 30 minutes for 3 days!  The giant fish kept dropping from the ceiling and had to be rehung and we smelled of smoke all the time.  When the process had finished, I didn’t want to eat any of it because it was all a bit too involved – like when you make lasagne from scratch and just want a bowl of cereal for supper!

So, obviously, like the pain of child-birth, those bad memories have faded (until I dragged up the old blog to remind myself about our pain) and this morning I got my food ready to smoke.  The chicken had been brined over-night.

And it was all so easy.

You put special smokery wood-chips in a tray, light a nightlight candle and when the chips start to smolder, you blow it out, shut the door and come back later.

Obviously, the help turned up.

And offered to dispose of the empty packages.

This time the smoker was in a very convenient little shed attached to the house, so I popped in and out all morning to see if everything was still working.  It was.  Fine.

A couple of hours later, everything had been smoked beautifully with minimum effort from me, which is the best part.  I tried a bit of the cheese – incredible.  The sossages are for tonight and I am also roasting the chicken so we can have it cold tomorrow.

I am looking around for food to smoke……

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