From the moment a woman took in a severely neglected dog, she knew that his journey to recovery would be more complicated than she ever could have imagined. The experienced rescuer recognized the pup’s fear and mistrust. The dog, named Griff, looked like a broken spirit, missing almost all of his fur due to a severe skin infection. His physical condition was heartbreaking, but his behavioral setbacks were just as concerning. Griff had never been handled before, and he acted more like a wild animal than a domesticated dog.


On the first day, the woman took Griff to the vet’s office for an examination, but they were unable to even get him out of the kennel due to his extreme distress. The initial few nights at home were stressful for both Griff and his rescuer. She spent most of her nights sitting on the floor outside of his crate, door open, offering him food, and trying to gain his trust. However, she was unable to get a leash over his head at first.

Surprisingly, Griff started to show a mischievous side. One day, he busted out of his cage and was found sitting in a small basket, looking content and relaxed. The woman approached the basket, and Griff didn’t get up – a significant step in his progress. It was a big day, as she realized that Griff might be starting to feel comfortable enough to settle in.


There were several milestones in Griff’s journey that his rescuer held onto, knowing that they were seeing progress. The first was when he began to eat out of her hand. The next milestone was the first time she managed to get a leash on him. However, Griff’s first time outside was terrifying for him, as he was in full flight mode.

With enough walks, Griff started to soften and enjoy his time outside. His favorite place became the backyard, where he would slowly stroll and find a spot in the sun to lay in for hours. One of the biggest accomplishments they achieved together was teaching Griff how to go up and down stairs. It took patience and persistence, but eventually, Griff conquered the staircase.

The first time Griff approached his rescuer and sat near her, she could hardly believe it. Gaining his trust had been a long and challenging process, but it was worth every moment. Griff’s transformation from a fearful, broken dog to one that willingly approached and sought comfort from his rescuer was quite the celebration.


Medically, Griff has made significant progress as well, aside from still being hairless. The once broken-spirited dog is now officially up for adoption. While his rescuer will miss him dearly when he finds his forever home, Griff has taught her a valuable lesson about celebrating small victories and the power of patience and persistence.

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