The National Wildlife Refuge Association is thrilled to partner with the Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network (SBWCN) for an unforgettable evening – America’s Wildest Places: Two decades of our National Parks and National Wildlife Refuge System.

This special event, held at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History on May 9th, 2024, at 6 p.m., promises to be a visual and storytelling feast. It will not only be a captivating exploration of America’s natural wonders but proceeds from the event will directly support the vital work of both the SBWCN and the Refuge Association to give back to these extraordinary public lands and the wildlife that call them home.

The Refuge Association couldn’t be more excited about this special event. It’s a wonderful opportunity to join forces with the SBWCN, another organization deeply committed to protecting our precious wildlife.

This collaboration feels especially meaningful because of our long-standing friendship with photographer Ian Shive. For years, Ian’s breathtaking imagery has captivated audiences and raised awareness for the irreplaceable lands that make up the National Wildlife Refuge System. Having him share his experiences alongside us is a true honor.

We’re also incredibly grateful for Lynn Scarlett‘s participation. She is a former Deputy Secretary of the Department of the Interior and a distinguished member of the Refuge Association Board of Directors. Her extensive knowledge and experience with public lands will undoubtedly add invaluable insights to the evening’s discussion.

Geoffrey Haskett, President of The Refuge Association, will be joining them. With a deep passion for conservation, Geoff is excited to share his knowledge about the National Wildlife Refuge System. This vast network of lands and waters protects a diverse range of wildlife and habitats. Geoff will also discuss the role of The Refuge Association in advocating for this vital system of public lands.

The Refuge Association is deeply committed to sharing the beauty and importance of the National Wildlife Refuge System with a wider audience. This event provides a fantastic platform to inspire a new generation of conservation enthusiasts. Through Ian Shive’s stunning visuals, Scarlett’s expertise, and the collective passion of all involved, we hope to ignite a deeper appreciation for these unique wild places.

Join us on May 9th for an unforgettable evening! Space is limited, so RSVP here today>>

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