Kita, a dog discovered on an expansive tract of land, found herself enveloped in a state of bewilderment and fear upon rescue. Accustomed to surviving on her own, the concept of receiving genuine care and compassion from humans was alien to her. She was unable to grasp the idea that these strangers were offering her not just nourishment and a safe haven, but an opportunity to start anew. Overwhelmed by the abrupt shift in her circumstances,

Kita resorted to a coping mechanism deeply ingrained in animals under stress—she retreated into herself, effectively shutting down emotionally. This response marked the commencement of her recovery journey, a path fraught with hardship and emotional turmoil. Witnessing Kita’s struggle, her rescuers were faced with the heartrending reality of her pain, a stark reminder of the profound scars that neglect and abandonment can leave on a vulnerable soul.

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Once Kita was taken to her foster home, she curled into a tiny ball. She made herself so small that she could wedge herself between the walls. When Kita did move from that spot, she’d sit and stare into the corner of the room. The walls were her shield, her barrier, her protection. It was gut-wrenching.

Her foster mom explains, in the video below, that even when she eventually worked up the courage to leave the corners of her home, she’d stare out the window like she didn’t belong there. Kita was inside a warm home, with everything she needed, but she didn’t feel she deserved it. And when her foster mom took her outside to do her business, she froze. She was so petrified of the outdoors– it was like she had flashbacks to her struggles on that large piece of land, convinced she’d end up back there.

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But no one was giving up on Kita, ever again! Kita doesn’t just come around, she develops such a strong love for her foster parents that when they leave home, she gathers up all the things that smell like them so she can still “be with them.” Wow Kita, look how far you’ve come along. Her story and progress is a tale of strength, adoration, and success. See for yourself in the video below!

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