Upon entering an apartment building, a woman encountered a sight that immediately tugged at her heartstrings: a dog, emaciated to the point where his skin tightly hugged his bones, standing alone as if in anticipation of someone’s return. This someone, it painfully appeared, had no intention of coming back. This scenario paints a vivid picture of the enduring loyalty dogs possess, a trait that remains unshaken even in the face of severe neglect. Dogs, with their innate capacity for love, often endure hardship without holding grudges against those responsible for their suffering. Tragically, this dog, who would later be affectionately named Hilly, experienced profound loneliness and sorrow during his time abandoned in the building. His story is a stark reminder of the resilience and forgiving nature of dogs, even when abandoned by those they trust the most.

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The woman decided to leave Hilly in the building just in case his owner returned. The dog was reluctant to go with her anyway. But she did return the next day. Hilly was still there. She gave him food and water but the pup refused to go near it. Unfortunately, the dog was loyal to a fault. Hilly also had a bandage on his leg. It’s possible that the injury was too expensive to treat and his owner gave up on him. This is inexcusable and disgusting behavior but sadly it happens too often.

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The kind woman was able to pick Hilly up and put him in the car. He was safe now. As her friend drove, she pet Hilly’s face and he looked at her like he wanted to cry. It was as if he missed his owner, despite everything he was put through. It was heartbreaking. The two women brought Hilly straight to the vet. The veterinarian was shocked by the dog’s appearance and understandably asked a lot of questions. The dog was dehydrated and malnourished, and of course, significantly underweight. Thankfully, Hilly was released from the vet clinic two days later and the woman was happy to bring him home.

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What happens next is simply amazing! The kindness that was shown to Hilly, he made sure he paid it forward! Hilly’s transformation, his ability to form lasting friendships, and help other animals that needed a friend is PAWSOME! Thank you to the rescuers for finding Hilly and giving him a beautiful new life. He is thriving in his new home and we couldn’t be happier! See his full story below!

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