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Over several days, officials conducted searches on a property in Maurice River Township linked to a suspected extensive dogfighting ring. Eight individuals were apprehended following the issuance of search warrants at two sites in Cumberland County and one in Atlantic County earlier this week. According to judicial documents, 103 dogs used for fighting, along with equipment related to the fights and various records, were seized from a location in Maurice River Township on Wednesday. Action News exclusively covered the operation live. Reports indicate that authorities found two deceased dogs in a fighting arena.

Image/Story Source Credit: 6ABC Philadelphia News via YouTube Video

Alleged ringleader Bruce Low Jr., also known as “Hollywood,” faces numerous counts, including charges related to dogfighting, laundering money, racketeering, among others. Charges were also filed against several members of Low’s family, notably his son Bryce, age 20, and his mother Terri, age 67. Attorney General Matthew Platkin condemned the operation, stating, “Earning money through dogfighting is inhumanely harsh and wicked. These dogs are thrust into a world filled with maltreatment, agony, and hostility, ending in prolonged battles and often, the slow, agonizing demise of these animals. The illicit conduct exposed by our inquiry will face consequences.”

Image/Story Source Credit: 6ABC Philadelphia News via YouTube Video

The investigation was initiated following tips received towards the end of 2021. Low Jr. is suspected to be among the country’s top dogfighting breeders, allegedly managing his operations under the guise of Royal Bull Kennels in South Jersey. According to investigators, the kennel’s website utilized terminology specific to dogfighting, such as “game dogs” and “conditioned weight.” The charging documents also reveal that Low Jr.’s dogs were in high demand within the dogfighting circles. Low Jr. is alleged to have disclosed to an undercover agent that he hosted 61 “concerts” in the previous year, a euphemism for dogfights. He is also accused of earning revenue through breeding services and wagering.

The alleged leader of this operation goes by the name “Hollywood” and he is anything but a star if the charges are true.

Image/Story Source Credit: 6ABC Philadelphia News via YouTube Video

Allegedly, the proceeds were laundered through Kisdir Group, a construction business legitimately registered and operating from the same Maurice River Township site. Additionally, William McClinton, 68, Coy Dickenson, 58, Travis Garron, 38, Mark A. Runkle, 42, and Roosevelt Hart, 29, face charges related to this case. Colonel Patrick J. Callahan, Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police, remarked, “Breaking up a dogfighting network goes beyond saving animals; it involves eradicating a culture of brutality and reintroducing kindness into our societies. It signifies a dedicated opposition to violence, highlighting the significance of justice and compassion.”

Image/Story Source Credit: 6ABC Philadelphia News via YouTube Video

This is not Low Jr.’s initial encounter with the legal system. In 2006, he admitted guilt to charges of drug possession and firearm offenses after authorities discovered significant amounts of cocaine, morphine tablets, firearms, ammunition, and cash at the Maurice River Township site, where they also uncovered a hidden bunker. Following this, Low Jr. was sentenced to over 12 years in a federal penitentiary plus five years under supervised release. The investigation is currently being led by the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office.

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