The idea that dogs and cats can’t be friends is a common misconception. While some dogs and cats might not get along, Opie and Yeti’s story shows a beautiful exception to this belief.

Opie has always been special, but his past wasn’t easy. Before meeting his mom, Diana, and starting a new adventure in New England, Opie struggled to find a home. All his littermates were adopted, leaving him alone until Diana stepped in. From the moment they met, Opie and Diana were inseparable.

“Opie was the cutest dog since day one. And his personality didn’t hide away for long. He was so excited to go places and meet people,” Diana told Cuddle Buddies.

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Although Opie isn’t the most energetic dog, he enjoys backyard playtime. Mostly, he’s a cuddle bug who loves snuggling and getting his back scratched. He wasn’t very interested in playing with his other dog siblings and preferred watching from the sidelines. That all changed when Yeti came into the picture.

Diana knew her rescue Pittie wasn’t aggressive, but she didn’t expect him to bond so quickly with their new feline friend, Yeti. When Opie first saw Yeti, he was confused by the tiny furball following him and licking his face. But it felt right to him.

Yeti adapted to the pack quickly, becoming an integral part of it, and he loved Opie the most. Opie reciprocated his feelings.

“He chose his brother right away. I wasn’t sure how they would get along, there’s a big size difference. But since the moment they met, he had been the gentlest giant,” says Diana.

Image Source Credit via Instagram

It didn’t take long for Opie and Yeti to become best friends. For Opie, Yeti was the missing piece of the puzzle, making his New England home feel much comfier and outdoor activities more exciting.

Opie and Yeti’s relationship is a testament to true friendship, proving that dogs and cats can indeed get along.

“They break stereotypes without even trying. They just are the best of friends,” their mom says.

This fabulous duo has been going strong since they met and they’re not planning on stopping anytime soon!


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