Chris Evans and his dog Dodger are a dynamic duo, and the Marvel actor is a favorite among dog lovers. Evans first met Dodger at a shelter while filming a movie. It was love at first sight when they saw each other, and Evans adopted the pup that day. Ever since then, Dodger has become a social media star. Evans even admitted that he only got Instagram as a way to share his many dog photos.

Now, the actor and rescue dog are working together on another incredible project. Evans is one of many celebrities who invested in a new dog food brand, which focuses on canine health above all else.

Chris Evans and Dodger Twinning

Celebrities Love Jinx!

Jinx is “a clean-label dog nutrition brand designed to meet the needs of the modern dog.” It launched in 2020 out of Los Angeles after raising $28 million to expand its portfolio and reach more retailers. Celebrities like Will Smith, Halsey, Nas, Lily Singh, Michael Strahan, and Zachary Quinto all pitched in to help with the initial fundraising.

Now, Chris Evans is one of several other celebrities investing in the healthy dog food company. TV host Trevor Noah, NFL star Odell Beckham Jr., and investor Michael Ovitz also invested in Jinx this year.

“Being headquartered in LA we get a ton of access,” said Jinx CEO and co-founder Terri Rockovich. “They like what we are doing, they believe in the mission.”

Chris Evans Cuddling with His Dog

Jinx sells kibble, treats, toppers, and dental chews. Their products are currently sold at retailers like Petco, Target, and Bloomingdale’s.

Dogs Deserve the Best Food

Jinx specializes in creating dog food that’s allergy-friendly and preservative-free. According to its website, it uses real animal protein, probiotics, and natural superfoods. It avoids ingredients like wheat, flour, corn, soy, MSG, and BHA. The recipes were created by dog nutritionists and approved by certified veterinarians.

“[Dogs] need a varied diet based on their level of activity. During our pursuit of identifying better nutrition options, we met and hired industry-leading formulators, nutritionists, regulatory specialists, and manufacturing partners to meticulously craft products that are best suited for modern dogs. That’s why we design our recipes with a balance of lean, premium meats and plant-based superfoods,” Jinx said.

Yorkie with Jinx topper

Not all kibble brands have the same quality, so Jinx aims to be one of the healthiest choices for dogs. Having so many celebrities, including Chris Evans, supporting this brand will help it gain popularity. When it comes to choosing food for your dog, always look at the ingredient list to help decide if it’s a good option for your furry friend.

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