Finding the perfect groomer for your dog can be tricky, especially since many places don’t require any certifications to become a groomer. Due to those loose restrictions, many pets have gotten hurt while getting groomed. One family is devastated after their small senior dog returned home from the groomer with two paralyzed legs.

The groomer insists that they had nothing to do with it, and they’re refusing to help the family in any way. Even if it was just an accident or misunderstanding, it would be nice if the business would share a little more information. After all, an innocent dog is suffering and needs all the help he can get.

Family holding paralyzed dog

Grooming Horror Story

Jill Ross from Union, Kentucky, brought her 12-year-old dog Harley to what she thought would be a normal grooming appointment. But the dog she picked up didn’t act like the same one she dropped off. After the appointment, Harley had trouble walking on his own.

“I brought him in, he was walking fine on a leash,” Ross said. “And when I picked him up, his two back legs were dragging in the parking lot.”

When Ross asked the groomer about it, they said that Harley must’ve worn himself out during the service. A vet connected to the grooming place prescribed anti-inflammatory pills to the injured pup. Yet, a responsible groomer should’ve mentioned something was wrong right away, and it’s unclear if this groomer did so.

Paralyzed dog tries to walk

Unfortunately, the pills didn’t help with Harley’s condition. When the dog woke up, he couldn’t use either of his back legs. His lower half was completely paralyzed, so Ross rushed him to a nearby vet.

Family Begs for Help

After an x-ray followed by other tests, the vet determined that Harley had a damaged disc in his back, which needed surgery. On top of that, he would need physical therapy after the procedure. The family now owes thousands of dollars for Harley’s extensive care.

“It was $6,000 for the surgery, and more payments because he needs physical therapy now,” Ross said.

The family hopes that the groomer will help pay for some of the costs, but it seems unlikely. The grooming salon manager said Harley had a pre-existing back condition before the grooming appointment, which was known beforehand. So, they don’t believe they did anything wrong. There’s not enough information to know for sure what happened.

Woman kisses paralyzed dog

Since the groomer doesn’t have any other injury complaints, their name isn’t mentioned publicly at this time. Groomers often get a bad reputation, but there are many caring, attentive groomers out there. Don’t be afraid to ask about a groomer’s credentials and experience to ensure that your dog stays safe. Kentucky doesn’t require groomers to have specific training or certifications, but those skills are essential for a quality grooming business.

Harley is doing well, but he will need to learn how to walk all over again. His family is doing everything they can to make life as normal and fun as possible for him. But they remind other dog parents to be cautious when finding a new groomer.

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