I had to return a book to a friend, so I took the opportunity to take the dogs for a walk on our local beach first.  They haven’t been to the beach in a while, if ever (Ted). I think I remember shouting and failure on the recall front and vowing never to go again.

In my coat pocket I packed some yummy American bacon dog treats (Pepper and Ted will do anything for these) and a dog lead (just in case Ted went AWOL). We set off.

It wasn’t the usual run-around-madly kind of walk but they enjoyed the sniffs and smells of every local dog that is walked on this beach.

When we started off, the beach was our own but it gradually filled up with another couple (on holiday), dog-walker and walker.

I let the dogs run off but kept their attention, calling them back for the bacon treats.

And it worked!

Yes, other people and dog were very exciting and we stopped to chat, as I knew most of them, but it was good the dogs were listening to me.

There is definitely improvement and I feel inspired to take them to different places now.

One thing, though, I am going to put their reflective coats on.  Could I see them?

No, I could not!

Playing spot the dog is not a good game.

Pepper was intrigued by the sea.

I wonder if I can get her swimming next?

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