In Brisbane, Australia, David and his family were having a fun afternoon with some pals in an open area. Alexander, their 2-year-old son, was supposed to be playing with Leala, the family’s Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

But no one took notice when the youngster vanished from sight. The 9-year-old dog began to tug at David, but the man didn’t think anything was wrong.


Image/Story Source Credit: Lisa Brockbank via GodVine 


When David pointed out that Leala was drenching wet and barking at him, she began to bark even more erratically. The man followed the alarmed dog all the way to the nearest dam, not realizing his son was missing. David’s life was shattered when he first noticed his son’s lifeless body floating face down in the water. After an apparent drowning incident, Alexander wasn’t breathing and Leala had clearly attempted to help him on her own. The father and his pals did CPR on the boy during the next few minutes as a result of which he started breathing again.


Image/Story Source Credit: Lisa Brockbank via GodVine 

Alexander was placed in a coma at the hospital for two days. His vital signs were stable, but he had suffered a significant brain damage. The doctors grew disappointed as hopes diminished and prepared the parents for the worst–that Alexander would die or be severely disabled. After 48 anxious hours in a comatose state, Alexander awoke. As Alexander’s treatment proceeded over the next few months, the medical professionals were astounded by the final outcomes–he not only survived but also fully recovered!

Image/Story Source Credit: Lisa Brockbank via GodVine 


The doctors credit Alexander’s survival to the timely CPR, but David is certain it was all down to his loyal dog. The outcome would have been deadly if the vigilant angel hadn’t alerted him on time. Leala is a real-blue hero and we adore her!


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