In a heartwarming video, a young boy named Marcelo shares a touching tribute to his beloved 16-year-old dog Mini. The video showcases the deep bond between the two as the boy reminisces about their time together, expressing his love and gratitude for his furry best friend.


Marcelo wrote a letter to Mini that’ll give you all the feels! The letter begins with Marcelo admitting that when he first met Mini, he was scared of her. However, Mini’s unwavering love and affection soon won him over. He then goes on to share some of his favorite memories with Mini, such as watching TV together, riding in the jeep, and swinging on the swings.


One particularly poignant moment in the video is when Marcelo thanks Mini for staying with him when he was sick, emphasizing the strong bond between them. He also acknowledges that Mini can no longer see but promises to help guide her, even carrying her to ensure her safety.


This touching video, and letter to Mini, serve as a beautiful reminder of the special bond between kids and their pets. Marcelo, who once feared dogs, now looks to Mini as if she’s a sibling. Their favorite times together will be etched in the sweet boy’s heart forever.

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