When a woman stumbled upon a baby lamb who had been abandoned by her mother, she knew she had to step in and save the little creature. The lamb was crying out in distress, and upon closer inspection, it became clear that the poor animal had been born without ears. The woman, filled with compassion, scooped the vulnerable lamb into her arms and vowed to do everything she could to help her.


In no time, the lamb began to think of the woman as her mother. She would sleep in the woman’s house and follow her around, quickly becoming a feisty and determined survivor. The woman realized, however, that the lamb needed friends and a proper home where she could live a happy and fulfilling life.

As fate would have it, another person found a second lamb around the same time and asked if the woman could take him in. The two lambs, named Ramses and Woolly, instantly bonded and became inseparable, growing up together like brother and sister. They spent their days happily by each other’s side, but the woman knew that they couldn’t stay with her forever.


Ramses and Woolly needed a place where they could live out their days surrounded by other farm animals, and that’s when the woman learned about Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary. This haven for rescued farm animals was the perfect home for the two lambs, and she was overjoyed when the sanctuary agreed to take them in.


The next day, Ramses and Woolly embarked on a 16-hour journey to their new home. Upon arrival, they were greeted with open arms and immediately began to explore their new surroundings. The lambs were finally able to live the life they deserved, running through the woods, going on walks with the sanctuary staff, and living peacefully among other farm animals.

Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary has provided Ramses and Woolly with the opportunity to live the life they deserve. The two lambs are now thriving in their new environment, surrounded by love and care from the dedicated staff at the sanctuary. We are so grateful for this rescue! Check out the full story by watching the video below.

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