Rena has found her forever home after a series of unfortunate events. Initially found as a stray in the DC area, Rena was adopted by a kind individual who sadly passed away after a year. The deceased owner’s children tried to take Rena in, but their housing situation did not allow for it, and Rena found herself back in the DC shelters.


Struggling to find a new home, Rena was sent to New Jersey, where she caught the attention of Nicole. Nicole had recently lost her beloved dog, Trixie, and she and her brother were visiting the shelter to drop off donations. Rena was the only dog in the shelter that wasn’t barking despite the large crowd. Trixie also didn’t bark when Nicole first met her at the shelter. Rena’s calm demeanor and longing for affection reminded Nicole of Trixie, and she felt an instant connection.

A week later, Nicole signed up for a field trip, which allowed her to take Rena out of the shelter for a few hours. Rena’s joy at being in a home environment was evident, and after discussing it with her boyfriend, Nicole decided to adopt Rena permanently.


Rena’s high energy and playful nature have been an adjustment for Nicole, who was used to senior dogs that mostly slept all day. However, Rena’s loving personality and ability to gravitate towards those who need her most have made her a cherished addition to the family.

Interestingly, Rena seems to share a connection with Trixie, as she loves the same toys and is drawn to the same outdoor spots that Trixie once enjoyed. The meaning of both dogs’ names also translates to “joy,” further solidifying the bond between them.


Rena’s journey from a stray dog to a beloved family member is a heartwarming tale that highlights the importance of giving shelter animals a chance at a loving home.

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