Six months into their companionship, Maru, the beloved Bullmastiff, faced a heart-wrenching betrayal. Her owner, citing allergies, decided to part ways, attempting to return Maru to the breeder. But Maru, the one-year-old with a spirit as strong as her paws, had other plans.


Maru’s current owner phoned the breeder wanting to return Maru. The breeder agreed since the contract stipulated that if the dog could not be kept, she is to be returned back to them. The breeder, Alla, sent someone by train to accompany Maru back to her. But during the journey back to Alla something went awry.

Maru, displaying remarkable intelligence, used her paws to pry open a train compartment door. With a daring escape, she vanished at a remote station, leaving train staff shouting her name in vain from the platform. Maru was headed back to her owner despite the fact that the woman no longer wanted her.


Alla launched a desperate search, rallying support on social media. Two-and-a-half days later, Maru was discovered exhausted and wounded at an industrial estate, 125 miles (200km) from her escape point, having traversed the vast expanse of the longest railway tracks in the world.

Alla, relieved Maru escaped the perils of bears and wolves, believes the determined dog would have completed the journey if not for her injuries. Maru, found with broken paws and damaged feet, was shaken. Train workers believe the dog had suffered a panic attack and desperately needed to escape. The loyal dog wanted nothing more than to be with the woman who had given up on her.


Describing Maru’s daring escape, Alla shared how the intrepid dog leaped out of the moving train into the night. Despite the ordeal, Maru is now receiving care for her injuries and has joyfully reunited with Alla and her family, proving that loyalty and determination can overcome even the longest journeys.

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