Trend alert! Air-dried dog food is blowing up on social media and there are plenty of reasons why. On TikTok alone, dog parents are quick to say how air-dried dog food is changing mealtime with convenient options that are full of flavor and packed with nutrients. They’ll also tell you how their picky pups will devour every bit.

But of all the air-dried offerings on the market, Solid Gold Air-Dried Topper is a shining star among brands. Whether they’re feeding it to their pups as food toppers, a treat, or even for training, dog parents are raving about this new addition to their dog’s food. Check out why you should try air-dried with your dog!

Why Try Air-Dried with Your Dog?

Air-dried dog food represents a unique and innovative approach to canine nutrition, blending the convenience of dry food with the nutritional benefits closer to that of raw diets. The air-drying process involves slowly and gently removing moisture from the food at low temperatures. This method preserves the integrity of the ingredients, retaining more natural nutrients, enzymes, and flavors than traditional high-heat cooking methods like baking or extrusion used in making standard kibble.

Unlike freeze-drying, which can be more costly and intensive, air-drying strikes a balance between preserving the raw qualities of the ingredients and ensuring the food is safe and shelf-stable. The process effectively eliminates harmful bacteria while keeping the beneficial components intact, offering dogs a nutrient-dense and highly digestible meal option. Air-dried foods typically feature high-quality meats, fruits, and vegetables, providing a rich source of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. This makes air-dried dog food a particularly appealing choice for dog parents seeking to feed their canine companions a diet as close to nature as possible without the hassles of preparing raw food.

5 Reasons Dog Parents Love Air-Dried Options for Their Dog

In scrolling social media and scouring dog food options on your favorite online retailer, you’ll find tons of fellow dog parents touting the magic of air-dried toppers and foods for their furry friends. With an average rating of 4.7 on Amazon and PetSmart, Solid Gold’s reputation speaks volumes. Read on to discover why Solid Gold Air-Dried Topper is such a hit with dogs and their parents! 

#1 – Nutrition on Point

The air-drying process ensures food retains more natural nutrients, vitamins, and essential enzymes than conventional cooking methods. At Solid Gold, this results in an Air-Dried Topper with 91% protein that’s also rich in beneficial fats and vital micronutrients. By including lean meats, wholesome fruits, and vegetables, this tasty topper offers a nutritious option that supports everything from muscle development to immune system health.

#2 – Mealtime Makeover or Treat Time

Kibble can sometimes get a little boring, but air-dried toppers can liven up that bland bowl with just a quick sprinkle. Solid Gold Air-Dried Topper delights dogs with a rich, savory taste and appealing texture, making it an instant hit. Even the pickiest eaters look forward to mealtime.

But this topper offers dogs a double whammy! You can also serve it as a healthy, delicious treat or a jerky-style snack. Use them for training or as a special treat. No matter how you offer it, your pup will thank you.

#3 – Tummy Transformations

Air-drying preserves natural fibers and probiotics, which are essential for maintaining healthy gut flora. This gentle approach leads to improved digestion, better nutrient absorption, and fewer gastrointestinal issues. And when trying Solid Gold Air Dried Topper with their dogs, many parents have observed a noticeable difference in their furry friend’s tummies, including regular bowel movements and reduced sensitivity. It’s a particularly beneficial choice for dogs with sensitive stomachs or those prone to digestive upset.

#4 – Better Nutrient Absorption

While air-drying helps retain nutrients and better absorb them, Solid Gold takes it a step further with their NutrientBoost technology. This advanced approach involves the inclusion of nourishing plasma—a novel ingredient known for its high concentration of proteins, amino acids, and antibodies. Sustainably sourced and derived from USDA-approved facilities, this plasma plays a pivotal role in enhancing nutrient absorption in dogs. It aids digestion, allowing pets to better absorb and utilize the nutrients in their food.

#5 – Tail Wagging Taste

The use of high-quality ingredients is key; premium meats and fresh produce not only contribute to nutritional value but also to the delicious flavor that dogs love. The air-drying process intensifies these natural flavors, creating a taste profile far more appealing than regular dry kibble. Solid Gold’s focus on quality ingredients and palatability ensures even the fussiest eaters are enticed to indulge. Their Air-Dried Topper, in both beef and chicken flavors, proves quality and yumminess go hand in hand.

Optimize Meal Time with This Sensation

Solid Gold Air-Dried Topper isn’t just a trend—it’s a nutritionally rich, convenient, and delicious addition to your dog’s diet. With rave reviews from dog parents and a host of health benefits, it’s clear why this product is a social media sensation. Give it a try; your dog is so worth it!

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