I wasn’t expecting to be met this morning by such a hard frost from last night.  It was spectacular.  The world was white and crunchy.

The Shetland ponies were covered in frost and it best showed up on the darker ones.



Albie’s tail – top

I took the ice out of the large water bucket by stamping on it, picking out the pieces by hand (cold much and possibly a stupid idea without gloves) and noted that the ice was at least 1 cm thick.

No one was feeling the cold. The ponies were all happy shovelling their daily breakfast in while I blew on my fingers trying to regain feeling.

The native ponies’ coats were doing exactly what they are designed to do – to provide efficient insulation and protection. They have a “double coat” which works very well, especially this time of year.

It had been a clear night – hence the hard frost.

I think it will freeze again tonight and also there has been:-

“A recent solar explosion that almost reached “X-class” status has hurled a massive coronal mass ejection toward Earth, which will likely hit our planet and trigger a geomagnetic storm on Dec. 1.” –  Live Science.

So, there might be some impressive “merrie dancers” (northern lights) tonight.  I shall pop outside the back door occasionally this evening to look, but I’m not staying long out there – not in these temperatures.  Blimmin’ cold, I tell ye.

If you want to watch too – go here – https://www.shetlandwebcams.com/cliff-cam-3/. You get to stay warm!

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