In a tragic and heart-wrenching incident, three puppies were found abandoned in the freezing cold in Pittsgrove Township, New Jersey, leading to the death of one of the animals. The South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter, in collaboration with the New Jersey State Police, is now on a mission to find the person or persons responsible for this cruel act.


Image/Story Source Credit: 6ABC Philadelphia via YouTube Video


Suzanne Stretch of Buena made the harrowing discovery on Wednesday near Gershal Road and Eppinger Avenue when she heard the distressed cries of the animals. Upon investigation, she found the puppies shivering and starving, with one already succumbed to the harsh conditions.

“The sight was absolutely horrible. It’s heartbreaking to see animals in such a deplorable state,” Stretch commented, visibly shaken by the experience.

The surviving puppies, now named Cosmo and Wanda by the shelter, were found trapped in a basket, severely emaciated and dehydrated. Photos of the puppies were shared on Facebook by the shelter, capturing the dire state in which they were found.


Image/Story Source Credit: 6ABC Philadelphia via YouTube Video


Lauren Campbell, the operations manager for the South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter, described the condition of the puppies as extremely concerning. “They were very skinny and dehydrated. Above all, they were terrified,” she said. Estimated to be about 10 weeks old, the staff is unsure how long they had been left in the woods, but they stressed that the cold weather is challenging even for adult dogs, let alone vulnerable puppies.

Despite their ordeal, the resilience and affection of Cosmo and Wanda are evident. “They probably never knew any kind of love before, but as you can see, they’re eager to give love in return,” Campbell observed, highlighting the innate forgiving nature of these animals.

The shelter is seizing this opportunity to educate the public. Campbell emphasized, “We understand that people might be scared and unsure of where to turn for help, but it’s crucial to remember that animal cruelty is never acceptable. We are here to assist, but abandoning animals is not the solution.”

The shelter and the New Jersey State Police are appealing to the public for any information that might lead to the identification of those responsible for this act of cruelty. Anyone with information is urged to contact the NJ State Police Bridgeton Barracks at 856-451-0100. The hope is that this incident not only brings the perpetrators to justice but also raises awareness about the proper and humane treatment of animals.

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