In today’s world, where the health and well-being of our dogs are paramount, dog lovers are constantly seeking ways to ensure their furry friends lead happy, healthy, and long lives. With so many omega dog supplement options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right path toward canine wellness. This is where WagWell steps in, revolutionizing the dog supplement industry with its high-quality, innovative products designed specifically for your dog’s health.

The significance of dietary supplements in maintaining and enhancing a dog’s health cannot be overstated. Just like humans, dogs sometimes require an extra boost to their diet to ensure they’re getting all the necessary nutrients for optimal health. This is where WagWell, your trusted partner in dog wellness, shines.

WagWell: A Trusted Resource For Dog Wellness

WagWell is a company built on a love for dogs and a passion for their wellness. Their philosophy is simple: give your dog what you would want for yourself…only the best. They believe that every dog deserves to live a full, healthy life, and their products are designed to make that a reality.

Their commitment to quality is unwavering. Developed in close collaboration with food scientists and board-certified veterinary nutritionists, their supplements are made from quality, human-grade ingredients. Their products contain no unnecessary ingredients, including wheat, corn, soy or fillers. And all their products are proudly made in the USA.

At WagWell, innovation is at the heart of everything they do. They’ve taken the road less traveled by incorporating a groundbreaking ingredient in their supplements: Ahiflower®. This plant-based powerhouse is what sets their products apart from the rest.

Ahiflower®: The WagWell Difference

Ahiflower® Omega Oil is a testament to WagWell’s commitment to providing the best for your dog. This unique, plant-based ingredient is exclusive to WagWell’s products, offering a range of benefits unmatched by traditional supplements.

WagWell’s Ahiflower is sustainably sourced, ensuring that they’re taking care of not only your dogs but also the planet. Its attributes are remarkable, providing a richer, more complete omega fatty acid profile than any other natural plant or seed oil available. Including Ahiflower in your dog’s diet supports healthy skin, a shiny coat, joint health, and overall cardiovascular health. This is a game-changer in canine wellness.

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WagWell’s Essentials: The Ultimate Pet Supplement Collection

WagWell’s line-up of supplements, featuring Ahiflower Omega Oil, addresses a variety of canine health concerns. Each product is carefully crafted, combining Ahiflower Omega Oil with other premium ingredients to meet your dog’s specific health needs.

WagWell Ahiflower® Omega Oil and Chews

First dog brand to utilize Ahiflower Omega Oil, a meat-free and sustainably harvested ingredient.
Eliminates the worry of bad doggie breath associated with traditional omega oils.
Provides a complete and balanced blend of Omega fatty acids (3, 6, & 9) for healthy skin, coat, and joints.
Easy to use: just one pump of Omega Oil adds a delicious boost to your dog’s meal.
Tasty natural chicken-flavored Omega Chews support a vital part of any dog’s diet.


WagWell Allergy and Itch

Targets both seasonal and year-round allergies, relieving itching, skin irritation, and sneezing.
Features Ahiflower, echinacea, spirulina, and Epicor for immune and gut health support.
Made with all-natural ingredients to bolster your dog’s histamine response naturally.
Supports skin health and reduces red eyes and sneezing through its powerful formula.


WagWell Mobility

Promotes joint health and flexibility, encouraging youthful vitality.
Ahiflower oil aids in reducing inflammation and alleviating arthritis-related joint pain.
Enhanced with Glucosamine and MSM to support healthy joint function and reduce stiffness.
Aids in slowing the progression of arthritis, ensuring your dog remains active and happy.


WagWell Calming

Designed to alleviate anxiety caused by travel, separation, or loud noises.
Contains a blend of Magnolia Bark, Phellodendron Bark, Melatonin, and Chamomile for relaxation.
Chicken-flavored whole hemp chews are designed to help your pup manage stress effectively.
Ideal for use ahead of or during stressful situations to keep your dog calm and comfortable.

*Note: WagWell Calming supplement does not contain Ahiflower Omega Oil as a main ingredient.

WagWell’s Subscribe and Save Program

WagWell’s Subscribe and Save Program offers unparalleled convenience and savings, tailored for the busy lives of dog lovers who prioritize their dog’s health. This uniquely designed program eliminates the worry of running out of essential supplements, with customizable 30-, 45-, and 60-day delivery plans to match your dog’s needs and your lifestyle. Subscribers also benefit from a 15% savings on every shipment, coupled with free delivery on orders over $20, ensuring your dog’s wellness routine is uninterrupted and more affordable.

The program’s flexibility is a key feature, allowing adjustments to delivery frequency as your dog’s needs change, ensuring you always have the right products when needed. This adaptability, along with the convenience of having products delivered directly to your home, transforms pet care by allowing more quality time with your furry friend. WagWell’s Subscribe and Save is not just about delivering products; it’s about delivering peace of mind and the joy of a healthy, happy life for your dog.

LIMITED-TIME OFFER: Buy 1 Supplement, Get 50% Off a 2nd, Plus Free Shipping

WagWell: Revolutionizing Canine Health and Wellness

WagWell emerges as a leader in dog wellness, championing the use of innovative ingredients like Ahiflower Omega Oil to elevate canine health. This commitment is reflected in their product range, which is designed to meet the diverse health needs of your dog. By prioritizing sustainability and quality, WagWell ensures dogs receive the best care, highlighting their belief in the importance of every dog’s well-being. Their efforts not only support your dog’s health but also set new standards in the supplement industry, improving the wellness of your dog, because WagWell believes every dog deserves the best.

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