It’s been a trying morning.

I have been designing a stamp to go on a brown sticker that is under each felted sheep’s belly.  The old one was hand-written and said “By Frances x” but I have decided I want something a bit more professional looking.

I found The Green Stamp Company online and I liked their website, so I thought I would have a shot at designing my ideal stamp.

This company measure in millimetres or centimetres and I am aiming for a round 2.4 cm design.

Question: Big or small sheep in the middle?  Too big and it looks too full. Too small and it is could get lost in the middle due to now being tiny to fit onto the sticker.

Problem:  The brown craft sticker I am buying separately off Amazon is measured in inches!  Why?  Just why?

Plan: I am going to buy the 1″ round stickers on a roll hoping that a 2.4 cm stamp will fit.  1″ apparently is 2.54 cm.

My inal judgment for the sticker is probably the label marked “bigger” or possibly the “3 cm label” which will actually be 2.4 cm on the 1″ label.  To me, this makes sense.  If it’s gibberish to you, then I’m sorry. You are actually listening to my brain working out loud.

A friend mocked up a finished version for me and I like it very much and that really helped my decision making process.  I do not have the skills to make Photoshop do that for me.

My brain is now mush from all this effort.

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