Although many residents of Taos, New Mexico, are up in arms over the construction of a new slaughterhouse funded in part by taxpayer dollars, PETA fired off a letter to the city’s mayor, Pascualito Maestas, in support of the project—if the facility is built with a glass wall and broadcasts livestream video footage from the kill floor.

About 900,000 cows are killed every single day worldwide, and every PETA investigation into slaughterhouses has exposed immense animal suffering, human health problems, disgraceful conditions for workers, and filth.

Hannah Elizabeth | Sympathy at Slaughter

PETA is urging Taos Mayor Maestas to be transparent with his constituents and embrace a slaughterhouse with a glass wall.

Taxpayers in Taos have the right to see what they’re paying for. A slaughterhouse with a glass wall would not only provide a degree of accountability but also allow everyone to witness the terror and torment that animals endure during the killing process.

If slaughterhouse operations were made public, the scenes of terrified, screaming animals stunned with a captive-bolt gun, strung up, and slashed across the throat would persuade anyone to go vegan.

Meat production is widely recognized as environmentally destructive, hideously cruel to animals, and a human health hazard. Animal agriculture is rightly condemned for contributing mightily to greenhouse gas emissions, and slaughterhouses, which consistently rank among the most dangerous workplaces, aren’t safe for employees.

It’s easy to forget where meat comes from when it’s in neatly wrapped packages at the grocery store, but it didn’t get there peacefully. Animals tremble in terror as they smell the blood and hear the cries of those ahead of them in the kill line.

Every animal is an individual. Cows are curious and clever, sometimes going to extraordinary lengths to escape slaughter.

They understand cause-and-effect relationships and become excited when they figure out how to do something, such as operating a water pump with their horns. They’re gregarious, forming intense friendships and holding grudges against herd members who have treated them badly.

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